Vertex algebras (Bourbaki seminar) by Frenkel.

By Frenkel.

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875-31 Since LG is ample, we can recover the moduli space of semi-stable G–bundles on X as the Proj of the graded ring ⊕k≥0 ΓN k = ⊕k≥0 C(X, x, LN k (g)) for large N (the ring of “non-abelian theta functions”). Thus, if we could define the product on conformal blocks in a natural way, we would obtain a description of the moduli space. Using the correlation function description of conformal blocks Feigin and Stoyanovsky [FS] have identified the space C(X, x, Lk (g)) with the space of sections of a line bundle on the power of X satisfying certain conditions.

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