Tree Lords (Dragonlance Module) by Steve Winter

By Steve Winter

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You must pardon my voice, for my throat is dry. ” As you see her face to face, you notice that the painted designs are actually sores and scabs. She is diseased! This is Chislev, and the tests have begun. First, she wishes to see if the PCs will look down upon her because: 1) she is old and frail, and 2) she is a Kagonesti, a wild elf. Second, she wishes to see if they are generous by hinting that she could use a drink. Finally, she wants to see if they prize true beauty such as that made by her flute, over the transient beauty of the flesh.

As they tried to puzzle that one out, the deer attacked two hours later. With that epic battle over with, they are trying to salvage the experience by, well, salvaging the ruins. They will blubber and beg for mercy, putting on a show of pitifulness that is nothing short of spectacular. If asked what they are doing here, they will give an incoherent, incomplete version of the above story. The gully dwarves are all wounded, each one having suffered four points of damage. The total value of their salvage is a whopping 50 gp.

For now, the dragons are content. Once in a while, an elf disappears, used as a meal for the dragons. The 28 dragons are biding their time, wondering where to go from here. If a PC wishes to look for anything unusual about the two elves, allow him a vision check, with a +2 bonus. Those who pass notice that the two elves have sharp triangular teeth, and their eyes have cat-like slit pupils. A faint scent of chlorine follows the pair. Trying to convince the Tarith-Nesti elves that something is terribly wrong requires a reaction roll with a –6 penalty.

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