Tibetan - Sanskrit Dictionary by Lokesh Chandra

By Lokesh Chandra

The full variety of phrases, compounds, and words methods 200,000 entries. phrases of technical matters like astronomy, medication, iconography, metrics, prosody and philosophy have additionally been integrated. the entire Tibetan vocabulary entries are prepared alphabetically: the compounds and demanding words too seem of their alphabetic order to facilitate the duty of the consumer. Inclusion of compounds and words has been a selective approach within which the matter of discarding was once moment basically to that of including. each Tibetan access is through its Sanskrit identical. The Sanskrit equivalents have additionally been given in alphabetic series.

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1) that Revelation is twofold—Vedic and Tantric (srutis ca dvividhâ vaidikïtantrikï ca). This formula distinguishing between two forms of revelation introduces an initial aspect of the Tantric tradition, which indeed is usually held as different from the Vedic, as revealed by the divinity without referring to the Veda, and as being more adapted than the Vedic revelation to the present age of mankind. 10 Notwithstanding what some have written, there is obviously nothing Tantric in Vedic literature.

42 Väc found also in non-Tantric schools.

4l). Such a practice—adding to an already accepted division of a whole one more division, which both encapsulates and transcends the former ones occurs elsewhere too and seems to correspond to an inclination of Indian thought. This we shall see again in the course of this work, when dealing with the four stages of the Word and the energies of Siva (3 + I), with the kaläs (15 + 1 or 16 + 1), with the four modalities of consciousness (4 + I), and with the tattvas as well (36 + 1). 22 Vâc power (KausBr.

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