The Trial of Terra by Jack Williamson, Jonathan Toppo

By Jack Williamson, Jonathan Toppo

The males of Earth have been at the verge of breaking into area. the 1st in their manned moon rockets was once on its approach to Luna. Now, after 10000 years, the celestial Watchers have been pressured to a choice.

Were the Earth humans able to take part the civilizations of sapce—or may still they be grew to become down and burnt up with sunlight fireplace? THE TRIAL OF TERRA had started!

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Most of them he couldn't identify, but leaning in one corner was a rusty iron tube. He looked away from it with an apprehensive start, as the girl came out. Holding a towel and a frayed white garment, she nodded for him to follow into another room: a tiny bath, primitive but clean. She turned a valve to let water run, and he bent thirstily to drink. " She gave him water in a glass. After he had rinsed his mouth and drunk, she helped him wash himself and put on the clean bathrobe and a pair of woven slippers.

His first impulse was simply to follow down the gully, keeping out of sight. That might lead him to water that he could drink. Thirst burned his throat again, when he thought of water. The gully should bring him, sooner or later, to the fence around the camp. Yet that scheme was impossible, he saw at once. Hurt and half naked, he couldn't travel far. Cold and thirst and hunger would pursue him, relentless as the guards. No, that wouldn't do. Dependence on such devices as the belt had left him too little faith in his own limbs and senses, and his tutors had not trained him for any such slinking, animal effort.

He assumed his most severe indifference, while Coral adjusted the tape in the scanner. It recorded the accidental arrival on Earth of another outsider, a prince of the matriarchy on Altair II. The cruise of the space yacht Royal Mother, out from his maternal planet and back again, had been arranged to kill some sixty years of time, until the matriarch was ready to round out her iron-willed reign by directing the coronation and the formal nuptials of her daughter. Aboard the neutrionic yacht, however, in the flux of time and space at interstellar speeds, the years had shrunk to days.

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