The Teachings Of Tibetan Yoga by Garma C.C. Chang

By Garma C.C. Chang

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He will then be able to identify, without fear, all the visions and experiences that take place in the process of dying. " THE ERRORS IN MAHAMUDRA PRACTICE " ( 1) If one's Maha~udra practice is confined solely to the effort of stabilizing the mind, the activities of all one's six consciousnesses will be halted, or dimmed. This is called a 'frozen ice' type of practice, and is a very harmful tendency in Mahamudra meditation which must be avoided. "(2) He who neglects the clear 'Awareness' but abides solely in Non-distinction will see or hear nothing when confronted with sights, sounds, smells, and touches.

With the support of this great might, And guided by the Light of Dharma, May all my good wishes be fulfilled Readily, and those of others. The Essentials of Mahamudra Practice As Given by the Venerable Lama Kong Ka KA SAID: "To practice this Mahamudra meditation one should first be initiated by a qualified Guru. The purpose of Mahamudra initiation is to make the disciple recognize the illuminatingvoid Awarness of his Self-mind. Only after recognizing this intrinsic 'awareness-without-content' can the disciple practice Mahamudra correctly.

Then the yogi should visualize his body as becoming that of the Patron Buddha-but empty within like a balloon. From the head down to the tips of the toes there is only hollowness. If he cannot see the whole body as completely hollow he should try to visualize a part at a time. For instance, he can visualize the hollowness of the head, of the neck, of the arms, of the chest, and the like, until the complete hollowness becomes clear. Then the yogi should visualize his body in different sizes-small as a mustard seed, or large as the whole Universe, but all hollow within.

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