The Social Ontology of Capitalism by Daniel Krier

By Daniel Krier

This e-book addresses middle questions about the character and constitution of up to date capitalism and the social dynamics and countervailing forces that form sleek existence. From a strong and self-consciously sociological framework, it analyzes and interrogates such concerns because the nature of the social, the facility of the sacred, the character of authority, the matter of illustration, reification, alienation, utopia, and collective resistance. ancient materialism finds that the scope of efficient capabilities is broader than the crude realism of economism. Marx’s severe thought of the commodity and his research of the capitalist regime of accumulation stay as very important as ever and function a guiding gentle for the continuing exploration of the philosophical underpinnings of serious inquiry and praxis.

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According to these movements, the individual was empirically cognizable, not “society” itself. Add to this that within the modern philosophical project more broadly there was a fevered attack on the notion of ontology and metaphysics. Ever since Kant, the mainstream tenets of the western philosophical tradition has labored under a bias against metaphysics and against ontology. This should be of little surprise since the critique of metaphysics that Kant provided was constructed in opposition to the early- and pre-modern concerns with the transcendental metaphysics and being.

J. THOMPSON many of the basic assumptions and value-patterns that underwrite the basis of moral cognition as well as the semantic basis of communication. Epistemic reasons are not sufficient to defend rational agency against the pressures of reification. Hence, what we can call a problem of epistemic refraction takes hold once we see that concrete forms of social power have the capacity to shape the presuppositional categories of thought that will serve as the formal foundation for communicative forms of reason.

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