The Silencer Cookbook; .22 Rimfire Silencers by Nolan Wilson

By Nolan Wilson

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Finally, a third option is to require NAVAIR and NAVSEA each quickly to complete MSSR with funds that have already been budgeted. This option would require the SYSCOMs to trade off between expensive MSSR conversions and their other O&M priorities. However, as it would likely force NAVAIR and NAVSEA into making fast, ad-hoc decisions, this option would tend to compromise any consistent, coherent USN policy towards MSSR. 34 Next Steps • Continue assessment of 4 hypotheses • Explore possible options for reducing costs, speeding process of NGS, PRF conversion (eg.

According to NAVAIR and NAVSEA, DLA’s lack of system-specific knowledge, particularly in the uniquely demanding and stressful environment of naval combat, sometimes leads it to buy the cheapest, rather than the most cost-effective, items. And because of their lack of technical training, DLA personnel must rely on industry sources for information on the characteristics and capabilities of many items. This too can result in noncost-effective procurement. 30 31 The final rationale for NAVAIR’s and especially NAVSEA’s MSSR strategies is that the unique nature of naval materiel, and of the military shipbuilding industry in particular, makes acquisition reform measures in general—and not just MSSR—problematic to implement.

Hypothesis 4 DLA Planned Disposition and Status as of February 1999 Source: DIA 3500 Planned 3000 Completed 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 CANCEL INACTIVATE DETAIL SPEC NGS PERFORMANCE R 23 As illustrated in the chart above, DLA does have a lot to do before its own MSSR process is complete. In particular, less than one-third of the document actions involving conversion to NGS and Mil-Prfs has been completed. DLA, however, does not face the same types of schedule and budget constraints faced by the services.

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