The Samnyasa Upanisads: Hindu Scriptures on Asceticism and by Patrick Olivelle

By Patrick Olivelle

The 1st readable and actual translation of twenty of the main authoritative Hindu files touching on ascetic beliefs and the ascetic lifestyle, this article opens to scholars a big resource for the research of the Hindu ascetical associations and of the old adjustments they underwent in the course of a interval of 1000 years or extra. starting with an research of the ancient context that gave upward thrust to Indian ascetical associations and ideologies, Patrick Olivelle strikes directly to elucidate the which means of renunciation--the principal establishment of holiness in such a lot Hindu traditions--and the functionality and value of a few of the parts that represent the ceremony of renunciation. The Samnyasa Upanisads should be an unprecedented resource of knowledge and perception for college kids of Hinduism and Indian eticism, mysticism, and holiness.

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Many more have come to light since Kane published his work in 1930. Almost all these works exist only in manuscript and, therefore, are unavailable to all but the most assiduous of scholars. Among the ones published are Visvesvara Sarasvati's Yatidharmasatfigraha (cf. YDhS) and Vasudevasrama"s Yatidharmaprakiisa (ed. and trans. Olivelle 1976 and 1977). 32 Some of the later documents within the Samnyasa Upanisads, such as the Naradaparivrajaka Upanisad, on the other hand, show all the characteristics of medieval legal compendia (nibandha).

Others point to the lack of archaeological evidence for such widespread use of iron tools during this period and question their need for successful farming or for creating urban cultures. See Gombrich 1988. Regarding the effects of rice on the increase of population, see Ling 1976, 49-51, where further bibliography is also given. 30 Renunciation and Society Towns and cities arise primarily as settlements of people whose main livelihood is not derived directly from agriculture—though to be sure they may also house absentee landlords.

1-6). It is not the knowledge that leads to final liberation, and from that perspective it is ignorance masquerading as knowledge. 5 THE HOUSEHOLDER AND THE CELIBATE As the sacrificial ideology promoted the married householder as the paragon of religious life, so the new worldview minimized the religious significance of marriage and children and advocated the value of celibacy. From the perspective of the new framework for understanding the human individual, the claim that a son constitutes a person's immortality would have seemed downright silly.

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