The Principle of Responsibility: Pathways towards Motivation by Reinhard K. Sprenger

By Reinhard K. Sprenger

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The joint debtors »at the top«: Whenever I confront managers – no matter what their level – in a seminar with alternative behavior patterns, they frequently, in their own inner monologues, are looking »hierarchically upwards«, thinking of their boss, relating to themselves as employees and wishing that others would also relate to them in the same way. They drop, so to speak, out of their leadership responsibility. Some have the courage to say: »I’m not really 29 the right person. « If, at some later date, the boss in question is in one of my seminars, after a while, suddenly, he says: »I’m not really the right person.

But there is a shortage of responsible implementation. Before the action of one wave has time to take effect, another is on its way, which will also dissipate across the sand. The next step is the project group. A committee or a body of experts is established. But many of these »We have to do something about that« projects merely appear to be active; whoever happens to have time becomes a project participant. Often there is not even an overall head who represents the group to the rest of the company and defends it; the line managers affected by it disturb its work whenever they want; the project goal is unclear; what is the problem on the agenda anyway?

Where one would quit his job, the other just responds with a tired smile. If you can live with all the conditions in your company, except with the fact that, for example, the parent company in the USA dictates the guidelines, then there are hundreds of jobs where this is not the case. You can go there. If you can live with all the conditions at your company except with the fact that in response to the smallest drop in sales the budgets are drastically cut, then there are hundreds of opportunities where that does not happen, even hundreds of jobs where you need not answer for any budget at all.

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