Teachings of Tibetan Yoga by Garma C. C. Chang

By Garma C. C. Chang

Half I is The instructing of Mahamudra and half II is The Epitome of an creation to the six Yoga's of Naropa.

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25) Great is the power of all virtues in the Universe, Great is the power of Buddha and Bodhisattvas’ Compassions. With the support of this great might, And guided by the Light of Dharma, May all my good wishes be fulfilled Readily, and those of others. The Essentials of Mahamudra Practice As Given by the Venerable Lama Kong Ka L am a K ong Ka sa id : “To practice this Mahamudra meditation one should first be initiated by a qualified Guru. The purpose of Mahamudra initiation is to make the disciple recognize the illuminatingvoid Awarness of his Self-mind.

When in deep sleep you should try to merge Awareness with the unconscious without strain. ’ “ (3) To utilize apparitions and devils to further Realiza­ tion: “Whenever any fearful apparition appears, you should employ the Mahamudra meditation on the fears. Do not try to dispel the fear but dwell on it clearly and loosely. In doing so, if the apparition vanishes, you should try once more to conjure up even more frightful apparitions and again apply Mahamudra to them. “ (4) To utilize compassion and grief to further Realiza­ tion: “Since in the final analysis, life and Samsara imply suffer­ ing, a Buddhist should have great compassion for all sentient beings.

May I attain The Teaching of the View and Practice. The Vow of Mahamudra (9) All forms are but expressions of one’s mind; The mind is of no-mind and void in nature. Though void, ’tis not extinct, But manifests all things. May I always observe this Truth And attain a decisive View. ( 10 ) Confused, self-manifestations that are void We deem to be real objects and outside ourselves; We hold self-awareness To be our true Ego. Because of these Two Clingings,® Men wander in Samsara. O, may I cut off The root blindness!

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