Taiwan's Transformation: 1895 to the Present by John J. Metzler

By John J. Metzler

This e-book offers a cogent yet accomplished evaluate of Taiwan’s socio-economic transformation from a eastern colony to a thriving East Asian mini-state. because the 1980’s, Taiwan has basically been considered as a thriving monetary version. even though definitely actual, this review belies the superb social and political luck tale for 23 million humans on a small New Hampshire-sized island simply off the China coast. Metzler highlights the enticing political narrative of democratization in addition to Taiwan’s noteworthy accomplishments regardless of the proximity and competition of communist China. additional, the results of the 2016 elections and its implication are analyzed. students learning East Asia and coverage makers will achieve a better appreciation for the island’s dynamic, wealthy resilience, regardless of strain from China.

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Truman argued that the USA could no longer stand by and allow the forcible expansion of Soviet totalitarianism into free, independent nations, because American national security now depended upon more than just the physical security of American territory. Importantly then in a “break with its traditional avoidance of extensive foreign commitments beyond the Western Hemisphere during peacetime,” the Truman Doctrine committed the USA to actively offering assistance to preserve the political integrity of democratic nations when such an offer was deemed to be in the best interest of the USA.

399–400. J. METZLER Also known as the “White Paper” the State Department book of 1054 pages was published just two months before Mao proclaimed the People’s Republic. ” 23. Ibid.  400–405. 24. McGlothlen, Ronald.  Foreign Policy in Asia.  91–92. Ibid.  113, 125. USDS Memorandum (Top Secret) 31 May 1950. 27. Yearbook of the United Nations, 1950. New York: Department of Public Information, 1951. Pp. 297–298. CHAPTER 3 Free China; Cold War Fortress 1951–1971 The outbreak of the Korean War in June 1950 made Formosa a vital geopolitical piece on the East Asian game-board and correspondingly gave the Chinese Nationalists a reprieve from a political near-death experience.

For example, in 1945, the total number of railway cars hauled amounted to only 25 percent of those hauled in 1944. By the end of 1946, only 80 percent of the railway system had been restored. Given Formosa’s colonial dependence on Japanese markets and supplies, such as fertilizer, skewed the entire economy. The curse of runaway inflation soon followed. Between 1944 and 1945, prices jumped over 530 percent. 7 Under Chen Yi’s tenure, there was a new Monopoly Bureau which controlled the production of camphor, matches, liquor, and tobacco.

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