Silent Partner (Alex Delaware 04) by Jonathan Kellerman

By Jonathan Kellerman

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Then I was brought abruptly back to focus by a story on page 20. Not even a story, just filler: a couple of column-inches next to a wire-service piece on the sociological structure of South American fire ants. But the headline caught my eye. PSYCHOLOGIST’S DEATH POSSIBLE SUICIDE Maura Bannon Staff Writer (LOS ANGELES) Police sources said the death of a local psychologist, found this morning in her Hollywood Hills home, probably resulted from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The body of Sharon Ransom, 34, was discovered this morning in the bedroom of her Nichols Canyon home.

Not looking forward to it, I went through the motions of a normal morning — showering, shaving, swallowing coffee, dictating reports, killed another couple of hours filing and skimming journals. At noon Mal Worthy called and asked me to reserve Wednesday for a deposition on the Darren Burkhalter case. ” “Brunch,” he said. “Waiting for a table. Evil never rests; neither can the good guys. Going to be seven attorneys on the other side, Alex. ” “Multiple pockets. The other driver’s insurance company has assigned two of their downtown hotshots; the estate’s sending another.

About what was right for her? I tried to learn more. She danced nimbly away from my questions, kept shifting the focus to me. I experienced some frustration, understood for an instant the anger of the other students. Then I reminded myself we’d just met; I was being pushy, expecting too much too soon. html suggested old money, a conservative, sheltered background. Precisely the kind of upbringing that would stress the dangers of instant intimacy. Yet there was the matter of her hand stroking mine, the open affection of her smile.

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