Psychoanalysis and Cognitive Psychology. A Formalization of by Cornelis Wegman (Auth.)

By Cornelis Wegman (Auth.)

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Plans To clarify the need for a concept like 'plan', Schank and Abelson (1977, p. 70) give the following passage as an example: 36 (5) 3. Ideas: The Problem of Cognitive Representation John knew that his wife's operation would be very expensive. There was always Uncle Harry . . He reached for the suburban phone book. If we can follow this passage without much difficulty it is not because we have a script at our disposal describing the series of actions involved in payingfor-an-operation, but because we discern the planning inherent in the story.

Representation of Knowledge Structures 35 ELI sends its result to PP-MEMORY, the task of which is to make a memory representation of each picture producer (John Brown, a fork, the station, and so on). In this representation all the information about this PP is stored and further kept updated. For that purpose each PP is provided with a tag ('token'), for instance, HUM14, PHYS2, STRUCT7, so that it is unambiguously clear for the rest of SAM what PP is meant. A PP can refer to something already known to SAM, or to something new.

The third kind of condition is a mediating one relating to the person Y; in ASK, this is whether Y is prepared to hand over his information to X. ). RES (result). If the execution of the planbox is successful, this results in Y passing on his information to X, so that this knowledge is now in the possession of X. The D-goal D-KNOW, of which ASK is a planbox, can now be set to TRUE. Returning to the story about the hungry bear, Joe, it can now be more easily explained why a certain continuation of the story is felt to be logical or com­ prehensible.

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