Pacifism As Pathology: Reflections On The Role Of Armed by Ward Churchill, Michael Ryan, Ed Mead, Dylan Rodríguez

By Ward Churchill, Michael Ryan, Ed Mead, Dylan Rodríguez

Argues that whereas the ideology of nonviolent political motion supplies that the cruel realities of country energy might be transcended via sturdy emotions and purity of function, it truly is in truth a counter-revolutionary stream that defends and reinforces a similar status-quo it claims to oppose. Churchill debunks the claims of ancient pacifist victories, and proposes how one can lessen a lot of the fable, aroma of racism, and experience of privilege which mark the covert self-defeatism of mainstream dissident politics. a tremendous intervention, meant to generate badly-needed debate in regards to the factor within the innovative neighborhood

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Bertholt Brecht This essay is far from definitive. Its composition and emphasis have been dictated largely by the nature of the dialogue and debate prevailing within the circle of the American opposition today. The main weight of its exposition has gone to critique pacifist thinking and practice; its thrust has been more to debunk the principles of hegemonic nonviolence rather than to posit fully articulated alternatives. In the main, this has been brought about by the degree of resistance customarily thrown up, a priori, to any challenge extended to the assumption of ontological goodness pacifism accords itself.

140 From even this scanty profile, it is easy enough to discern that pacifism - far from being a praxis adequate to impel revolutionary change - assumes the configuration of a pathological illness when advanced as a political methodology. Given its deep-seated, superficially self-serving, and socially approved nature, it is likely to be an exceedingly difficult pathology to treat and a long term barrier to the formation of revolutionary consciousness/ action in the North America. Yet it is a barrier which must be overcome if revolutionary change is to occur, and for this reason, we turn to the questions of the nature of the role of nonviolent political action within a viable American transformative praxis, as well as preliminary formulation of a therapeutic approach to the pathology of pacifism.

The therapist must be conversant with the realities being experienced by participants to be able to assist them in establishing and apprehending a proper context in each instance. Evaluation. " This can be done on a purely individual basis, but generally speaking, a group setting is best for the guided portion of evaluation. A certain recapitulation/reformulation of the outcomes of the values clarification phase is in order, as is considerable philosophical/situational discussion and analysis coupled to readings; role-play has proven quite effective in many instances.

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