Overwhelming Terror: Love, Fear, Peace, and Violence among by Robert Knox Dentan

By Robert Knox Dentan

This robust ethnography of a humans believed to be the least violent on this planet explores how they preserve peaceable family even below the main dire conditions. Robert Knox Dentan, the world's most suitable student of Semai, brings its individuals vividly to existence. His publication comprises translations in their poetry, dramatized debts of specific occasions, and narratives of their personal phrases. all through, the writer highlights the mechanisms and prices of peace, underscoring their relevance to way of life in all societies. scholars and students of peace reviews, clash solution, ethnography, and Southeast Asia will locate this certain paintings a useful and compelling research.

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Shriek everywhere, “C-o-m-e o-n! Let us kill them! “Attack! Vee of Malay stock! ” Up they come, come up again. He dumps out his dart-quiver. Look! Out the darts rustle. he counts them: one two three four f-i-n-g-e-r-n-a-i-l-s. ” pull. pull. pull pull. pull pullpullpull. One hundred his darts, darts made of his fingernails, darts made of his bones. He counts them: “One two three four five six seven eight-nine-ten . ” All aflutter they flee “Fleeing? ” 24 Chapter 1 Raweeys Baffled by Guerrilla Tactics (Cba’ Tnloop) But not much later one day in the morning back upriver they come What’s their objective?

Otherwise a slavocrat might take offense at the hint that there were other selves, egos, persons among his retinue instead of just extensions of his own self, ego, person. Slaves lived their lives in the passive voice, as kakitangan, hands-’n’-feet, of their masters. In courtly speech, sometimes, Nakhoda could vanish. His stories were always close to the truth, although he and the boy knew that a lie to a ruler is not a lie. It is a convenience, a formula, a courtesy, which protects the teller from physical hurt and from the supernatural dangers of sumbung, acting above one’s station, and which protects the ruler, too, from having to acknowledge the existence of other selves.

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