Nephilim Gamemaster's Companion by Shannon Appel, Adrian Czajkowski, Kenneth Hite, Ross Isaacs,

By Shannon Appel, Adrian Czajkowski, Kenneth Hite, Ross Isaacs, Eric Rowe, Sam Shirley, Greg Stafford, Ian Young

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If it fails, the creatures attacks the Neyihilirn. Ka-element, have a maximm value equal to the number of humans involved in the ritual, divided by two. Thus, if 20 Templars use the Ritual of the Order to gather enough Destructive emotion to summon a Salamander, its STR, CON, DEX and Ka scores will all have a maximum value of 10, no matter what is rolled on the dice. The Actions value should also be recalculated, based on what the creature’s actual DEX is, per the table in Nephilim (pg. 92). There are two advantage to summoning a creature in this way.

When combined with an Activation Condition, the power is triggered when a target fitting the condition enters the area. TARGET CONDITIONS: Defines exactly who is affected by the spell either by type (only Nephilim, all Djinn), situation (those who seek the truth, anyone chased by a Templar), or appearance. The spell altered in this way must be defined either by name or Ka-element. If a Target Condition is not specified, the spell can affect anyone; for example, Caduceus Press could benefit both Nephilim and human.

Typically, the conjunction is related to the item’s dominant Ka-element, such as a Water Grand Enthronement for Water-Ka. The spell being affected by this option must be defied either by name or by Kaelement. In addition, the circumstances could be defined as a particular situation. For example, a stele possessing the spell Pyretic Consumption activates only when Templars touch it. AREA EFFECT CONDITIONS: A spell that normally affects only one target affects all those in an entire area, at a Ch'awe cost of one point per additional target.

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