Mental Magic. Surefire Tricks to Amaze Your Friends by Martin Gardner

By Martin Gardner

Professor Picanumba has dozens of surefire methods up his sleeve. utilizing a deck of playing cards, cube, calculator, pencil, and paper, he will convey junior mathemagicians easy methods to expect the solutions to 88 be aware and quantity demanding situations that may amaze family and friends. comprises ideas, plus sixty four enjoyable illustrations.

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Another Calculator Surprise The surprise is that the digits 1 through 9 are now in serial order starting with 1. To make the tossed ball come back, toss it straight up in the air. Another Calculator Test You stopped your count on the heart. Around the Circle The count ends on the spiral. Around the Solar System If you moved correctly, the dime is on Pluto. Around the Square Your count ended on the letter D. At the Apex The triangle’s top digit is 4. Beast, City, Vegetable Professor Picanumba guesses that the words are lion, Paris, and carrot.

Multiply the series by 3. Multiply the result by any digit from 1 through 9. Multiply once more by 3. What’s the surprising result? An 8-Card Test Place the six of spades and the ten of hearts back to back and fasten them together with a paper clip. Do the same thing with the following pairs: Seven of spades and jack of hearts. Eight of spades and queen of hearts. Nine of spades and king of hearts. Put these four “double-face cards” in a row on the table, hearts side up on all cards. Or, if you prefer, the four may have their spade sides uppermost.

What’s the correct pronunciation? A 3 by 4 Test Make a copy of this 3 by 4 matrix. Put digits 1 through 9 in the cells in any way you like. Three empty cells will remain. In those cells put either three ones, or three fours, or three sevens. Treat each row of the matrix as a 3-digit number. Add these four numbers by writing the sum over the four lines below the matrix. Add the sum’s four digits. If the result is more than one digit, add those two numbers. Keep adding until only one digit remains.

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