Marcel Proust by Legeton Hodson, Leighton Hodson

By Legeton Hodson, Leighton Hodson

Marcel Proust (1871-1922). significant foreign novelist, essayist and critic. Writings comprise: Remembrance of occasions previous. quantity covers the interval 1896-1931. Extras: Posthumous works, severe essays and tributes.

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62) with only occasional reservations. The Figaro gave its literary supplement for 26 November over to Proust and published excerpts from Le Temps retrouvé. The English translation of Swann had just come out (No. 59) and its welcome summed up the mood of the times: ‘it seems that it is for us of his own generation to praise rather than appraise. ‘Posthumous appreciations in English (Nos 60, 63, 64, 65) were all sympathetic. The tone for the British reaction had already been set in July 1922 by Middleton Murry’s praise of Proust’s originality, which he ascribed to his new sensibility (No.

In this respect, the revelation of the secret Charlus and the secret Albertine becomes a token of an examination of the repressed side of social behaviour. In his chapter on Sodom and Gomorrah Pierre-Quint often waxes lyrical over Proust the commentator on a tragic side of life that other writers have failed to examine. 109 Proust is defended not only as the objective observer of this facet of society but as a writer forcing it to see its repressed side. Proust, in evoking Sodom and Gomorrah: parades in succession for all to see a continual alternating contrast—the apparent and the inner life of their inhabitants, society and the individual.

91) and Coeuroy (No. 92) can be seen as reinforcing the positive view of Proust’s art, Charpentier’s article (No. 80) sharply draws attention to the other side of the picture. He rightly denounces a certain lack of enthusiasm and insight in some contributions to the NRF volume. His remarksparticularly apply to some big names, not only Barrès (whom he mentions) but Valéry also. He is also right to say that stringent critical attention has not been paid to the parallels with Saint-Simon or to Proust’s all-inclusive method of composition.

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