Les mots croises II by Georges Perec

By Georges Perec

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After the mighty magicks had been wrought to bind Zuggtmoy—powers which most certainly involved great wizards, high priests, and deities—luz determined to 29 occasionally return to the Temple in hopes of gaining advantage for his past efforts. If he could somehow free Zuggtmoy, she would certainly be much in his debt. At the same time, she would be seething with a lust for revenge against those who imprisoned her. It was luz, in fact, who helped the renrnants of the Temple's followers to remain viable, but he lacked the power to forge them into a useful tool.

Only three doors are visible, all at the south end of the Temple. The narrow windows appear to be barred. SEALED DOORS Four pairs of huge bronze doors are located within the Temple areas. The first pair is the Grand Entrance (Upper Works area 1), and will be encountered early in the adventure. Other doors are within the dungeon at areas 145, 210, and 352. Each pair of doors is held fast by huge iron chains, and all cracks are sealed with soft iron. Graven upon each portal are magical runes which glow in a silvery radiance.

Spells (druidical)—detect magic, speak with animals, affect normal fires. In a secret place beneath the old anvil at the rear of his shop, Otis has a suit of chain mail + 2, longsword + 2, and a pouch with 25 gems (a mix of amethysts, chrysoberyls, pearls, and tourmalines, each worth 100 gp). Nearby are his pallet, a chest (containing clothing and adventuring gear suited to his level), a small table and chair, and an assortment of old but serviceable weapons (including normal longbow, a quiver of 20 arrows with cold-wrought iron heads, shortsword, and cold iron battle axe).

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