Julian's No-Nonsense Guide to Winning Blackjack by John F. Julian

By John F. Julian

Julian's No-Nonsense consultant to successful Blackjack contains the dash innovations for exploiting cutting-edge multiple-deck video games, test innovations for single-deck video games, easy procedure and card counting suggestions for unmarried and multiple-deck video games, and techniques for Double publicity Blackjack and a number of motion Blackjack. It additionally comprises the last word Blackjack try out.

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Today, you would never know I count the cards as I play. I'm chatty and friendly at a blackjack table. I joke around, don't look as if I'm concentrating on the other players' cards and doing figuring in my head, and I'm always engaging the pit bosses and floor personnel in conversations. And I win consistently. 55 The Hi Lo Count The simplest and, in my opinion, best card counting system is called the Hi-Lo. It's easy to remember and relatively easy to execute. It is a one level counting system; that is, cards are assigned a value of +1 or -1 as they come out of the deck.

Another reason for memorizing out loud is that not all your memory banks are in your brain, so to speak. Some of your memories, for want of a better word, are in your muscles, your eyes, your ears. How many times have you needed a piece of paper to remember how to spell something? You had to write the word out before you could spell it correctly. Your brain's memory was actually in your eyes or hands. They knew how to spell the word, even though your verbal memory didn't. I'm not a biologist or neurologist, so I'm not exactly sure what this kind of physiological memory is considered but a rose by any other name tells me that there's more to human memory than the interior repetition of what you desire to remember.

A short explanation will suffice. If you are mathematically minded, I will recommend in the Appendix several books that go into great mathematical detail concerning the why's and wherefore's of card counting . 56 Small cards favor the dealer when they are in the deck, large cards favor the player. Thus, if five 10's have just come out in a row, the cards remaining in the deck favor the house. However, if five smaller cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) have been removed, the remaining cards in the deck favor the players.

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