High-Power Laser Radiation in Atmospheric Aerosols: by V.E. Zuev, A.A. Zemlyanov, Yu.D. Kopytin, A.V. Kuzikovskii,

By V.E. Zuev, A.A. Zemlyanov, Yu.D. Kopytin, A.V. Kuzikovskii, Yu.F. Arshinov

Unique homes of laser radiation together with its monochromatic homes, polarization, excessive spectral depth, coherence, slim beam divergence, the potential of controlling the heartbeat period and radiation spectrum and, ultimately, the truth that tremendous excessive energy and effort create very favorable stipulations for the vast program of lasers to communi­ cation platforms, platforms for the lidar sensing and ultra-high-precision ranging, navigation, distant tracking of our surroundings, and lots of different platforms working within the surroundings. The operative potency of the above structures relies considerably at the nation of the ambience and the corresponding habit of laser radia­ tion propagating via it. This situation has influenced the experiences of the above regularities in the course of the passt 10-15 years. For the investiga­ tions to be performed the scientists have been pressured to strengthen new theories and techniques for learning the matter experimentally. additionally, in the course of such investigations a few formerly unknown phenomena have been saw, between them the nonlinear results accompanying high-power laser radiation propagating during the surroundings are of paramount significance. one of the nonlinear results because of high-power laser radiation inter­ motion with the ambience, the consequences accompanying the propagation of high-power radiation throughout the atmospheric aerosols are of specific curiosity. Aerosols consistently happen within the surroundings. it may be famous that the microphysical and optical features of atmospheric aerosols range largely, this truth explanations an excellent style within the positive factors in their inter­ motion with radiation.

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This particular problem b~th is discussed in [13, 15-16]. The process of the combustion of a carbon particle can be described by a system of aerothermochemical equations. 1 ) where Qk (k = 1, 2, 3) is the specific heat of the corresponding reaction. Let the rate of reaction be ~. 4) 4 I C~(PkV k=1 + jk) ) Q3 A3' k = 1, 2, 3, 4. 9) where the indices k = 1, 2, 3, 4 refer to the characteristics of O2 , CO 2 , CO, N2 , respectively. The subscript 'a' denotes the characteristics of the particulate matter, and the subscript 'mix' refers to the vapor-gas mixture; the parameters Ak , ' \ , Pk , C~, jk are the molecular coefficient of thermal conductivity, molecular weight, density, and isobaric specific heat of the ~th component of the mixture, respectively; Ta' TO are the temperatures of an aerosol particle and the surrounding medium, respectively; b k is a 40 CHAPTER 2 coefficient introduced into the equations for the purpose of taking into account the stoichiometry of the chemical reactions (b 1 = 2, b 2 = b 3 = 1, = 0); Rll is the universal gas constant, P is the total pressure of the b4 gas mixture; 0B is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant, and EB is the grayness coefficient.

1. 31 (b) C= 5 % 1~'----':~_~5 Calculated dependences of the variation in radius of a vaporizing drop of water-salt solution on time t. 6 llm. (a) 1; 2; 3 - 1=10; 5; 1 kWcm- 2 - liquid shell. (b) 1; 2 - 1=5; 10 kWcm- 2 - solid nucleus. 3; 4; 5 - I = 10; 5; 1 kWcm -2 - liquid shell. the time dependence of the temperature of the nucleus surface. As follows from the calculations, in the case of a particle with a shell of pure water, 32 CHAPTER 2 Fig. 2. 6 \lm). 1; 2; 3 - 1; 5; 10 kWcm -2. the particle is heated and cools more rapidly than one with a shell composed of a salt solution.

Prishivalko: 'The Effect of Relative Humidity on the Elements of the Light Scattering Matrix by Systems of Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Particles. of Atmospheric Aerosols', All-Union Symp. , 1975) pp. 6-7 (in Russian). [14] L. S. Ivlev and S. I. Popova: 'Complex refractive index of the matter in dispersive phase of atmospheric aerosol', Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR Fiz. Atmos. Okeana 1, N10, 1034-1043 (1973), in Russian. (15) G. I. Gorchakov and G. V. Rozenberg: 'Measurements of the light scattering matrix in the lower layer of the atmosphere', Izv.

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