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The ground gives way below you and you drop into a stake-filled trench. A sharp stake kills you instandy. Your quest is over. 97 Eventually, you stop to rest (add 4 points to your srAMrNA). Sitting there, your eye is caught by the glow of the Bracelet(mark a captured Citadel Wall ol the Ailomt re Sheet). The\ feeling rcfteshed, you get up and carry on walking along a sandy track. Tum to 267. 95 'Hungry, eh? It's not what you were expectingbut neverthelessyou tasteit. 6 points to your srAMrNA). The boy then disappears around a street comer.

138 You go out of the other room, oPen the door, and seefour Orcs standing there. FiSht eachin furn S(1L L FirstO RC SecondORC Third ORC FourthORC o 7 6 7 STAM IN A 7 6 5 lf you survive, you reqter the secretroom, sealthe door and rush down tfuough the traPdoor-Turn to 281. at9-a4o 14r-442 439 You pull out your sword and strile at the Goblin. The blow glances off his thick skin. He draws his swold. /Scum,you are never tobe trusted. 'He spits and chargesat you. G O B LIN G U ARD s(rLL 5 If you survive, tum to 283.

Do you continue through the pass (turn to 116)or begin to climb the iock (turn to 358)? You carry on but can hear furtive movementsand some hea\'Tbreathing. The tunnel forks again. Do you go left (turn to 268)or right (turn to 1,57)? t(}1 You are marched to a large field full ofmen, women, children, Orcs, Ogres, every type of creature. There is no apparcnt military order. Everyone wears an assortment of armour and you see an amazing range ot weapons, some that you recognize as Zamarran. The Goblin speaks to one of the roughest-lookingmen thete.

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