Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science, 2nd Edition by Martin Gardner

By Martin Gardner

This reasonable and witty appraisal examines the various crazes and quackeries that experience masqueraded as technology. Discussions include hollow earth theories; Charles castle and the Fortean Society; Wilhelm Reich and orgone intercourse energy; dianetics; flying saucers; food and clinical fads; even more. "A very capable and even-tempered presentation." — the recent Yorker.

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As the principles of Lawsonomy spread, from generation to generation, eventually a new species will be created—a super race capable of communicating by telepathy (operating by Suction and Pressure) and with great longevity of life. ) Today Lawson is a gaunt, lonely, silver-haired old man with shaggy white eyebrows overhanging steel-gray eyes. " He feels himself surrounded by treacherous enemies. They are waiting for him to die so they can seize the holdings of his organizations. In recent years the conviction that he is a prophet of the Lord has increased ominously.

Their visits are "part of a long range survey, and will continue indefinitely. No immediate attempt to contact the earth seems evident. " Keyhoe believes that Mantell was not only chasing a space ship, but that the space men—by some unknown power—killed Mantell before he could reach them. In an earlier chapter, he writes, "The secret of the spaceship's power is more important than even the hydrogen bomb. " Romantic and preposterous as these speculations certainly are, they seem like the remarks of a cautious scientist when compared to the second of the three books which have been written about the topic.

He was careful not to say the line was justified in terms of truth and error. Perhaps we are taking Fort too seriously, and are only falling into another one of his traps. He was far from an ignorant man, and his discussions of such topics as the "principle of uncertainty" in modern quantum theory indicate a firm grasp of the subject matter. Opposition to the notion that electrons move at "random" is not in fashion at the moment. Nevertheless, Fort's jibes are in harmony with the more technical criticisms of Einstein and Bertrand Russell!

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