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By J.C. Harsanyi

When John Harsanyi got here to Stanford college as a candidate for the Ph.D., I requested him why he was once bothering, because it was once so much un­ most likely that he had whatever to profit from us. He was once already a recognized scho­ lar; as well as a few papers in economics, the 1st papers during this vol­ ume had already been released and had dazzled me via their originality and their mixture of philosophical perception and technical competence. notwithstanding, i'm very happy i didn't discourage him; even if he realized any­ factor beneficial i do not understand, yet all of us discovered a lot from him at the foundations of the speculation of video games and particularly at the consequence of bar­ gaining. The valuable concentration of Harsanyi's paintings has persisted to be within the conception of video games, yet specially at the foundations and conceptual difficulties. the speculation of video games, competently understood, is a truly huge method of social interplay in line with separately rational habit, and it connects heavily with basic methodological and great concerns in social technology and in ethics. a sign of the diversity of Harsanyi's curiosity in online game the­ ory are available within the first paper of half B -though actually his owncontri­ butions are a lot broader-and within the moment paper the purposes to the method of social technological know-how. the remainder papers in that part exhibit extra particularly the richness of online game conception in particular applications.

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This theory can also be used for distinguishing between duties of special obligation and duties of benevolence: the former are duties based on the cumulative good consequences of the general observance of certain rules while the latter are duties based on the good consequences of particular acts. This theory of special obligations can also be put in the following form. In the case of special obligations, the immediate reason for which people are morally bound to do certain acts is not social expediency: it is rather the existence of these obligations themselves, and possibly the existence of corresponding rights on the part of other people.

It is not assumed. however, that the other individuals are (like i andj) indifferent between X and X' and between Yand y'. In effect, were this restrictive assumption inserted into Postulate E, this latter would completely lose the status of an independent postulate and would become a mere corollary of Postulate D. 7 I n view of consumers' notorious 'irrationality', some people may feel that these postulates go too far in accepting the consumers' sovereignty doctrine. These people may reinterpret the terms in the postulates referring to individual preferences as denoting, not certain individuals' actual preferences, but rather their 'true' preferences, that is, the preferences they would manifest under 'ideal conditions', in posession of perfect information, and acting with perfect logic and care.

In the case of special obligations, the immediate reason for which people are morally bound to do certain acts is not social expediency: it is rather the existence of these obligations themselves, and possibly the existence of corresponding rights on the part of other people. But the existence itself of these obligations and rights, on the other hand, has to be explained in terms of the social expediency of this system of obligations and rights. For instance, it is not a matter of social expediency but is a self-evident analytical truth that people are morally required to respect other people's morally valid property rights.

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