Easy Magic Tricks by Joseph Leeming

By Joseph Leeming

Using purely basic and customary home goods — handkerchiefs, string, cards, cash, thimbles — the 127 magic acts during this totally illustrated consultant can help younger newbies amaze friends and family. comprises vintage quantity and desk tips, brain studying stunts, cube divinations, and extra magical merriment.

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Easy Magic Tricks

Utilizing in basic terms basic and customary home items — handkerchiefs, string, cards, cash, thimbles — the 127 magic acts during this absolutely illustrated consultant may help younger newbies amaze friends and family. contains vintage quantity and desk methods, brain studying stunts, cube divinations, and extra magical merriment.

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Reach into the hat and remove the coins one at a time. When you pick up the marked one, you will be able to tell the difference at once. 9. The Coin in the Sleeve EFFECT: In this trick the performer tells the audience that he is going to do, openly and without deception, what magicians are so often accused of doing in secret, namely, put something up his sleeve. Suiting his actions to his words, he drops a quarter into his left sleeve. Bringing his left hand down, he shakes his arm as though to shake out the coin, but no coin appears.

As you make this request, illustrate what you want done with your right hand, passing this hand, with fingers curved inward, underneath the handkerchief toward your left elbow. As the right hand passes beneath the left hand, let the ring drop from the latter into the palm of your right hand. Do not stop the motion of the right hand. Keep it moving slowly and time the drop correctly. This move should be practiced a number of times before a mirror until you can do it smoothly and perfectly, with nothing to indicate what is going on.

EFFECT: One end of a looped string is passed by the performer through a ring and the other end is then passed through the first loop. The drawing shows how this is done. Two spectators are then asked to hold the string at the places marked A and B, while the magician grasps the loop at C. The spectators are asked to pull the parts they are holding clear of the ring and to pull on them steadily. The magician, meanwhile, pulls gently but firmly on his part of the string. ” and the ring instantly drops free of the string!

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