Do the Math: Secrets, Lies, and Algebra by Wendy Lichtman

By Wendy Lichtman

Tess loves math simply because it's the single topic she will be able to trust—there's regularly only one correct resolution, and it by no means adjustments. yet then she starts off algebra and is brought to these pesky and mysterious variables, which appear to be all over the place in 8th grade. while even your pals and oldsters could be variables, how on the planet do you discover out the precise solutions to the particularly vital questions, like what to do a few boy you're keen on or whom to inform whilst someone's performed whatever quite bad?

Will Tess's lifestyles ever cease altering lengthy sufficient for her to determine all of it out?

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All right,” Marcus said, like he’d been looking for an answer like DNE his whole life. ” But I felt the opposite. While Ms. Saltzman blabbed on about how we’d be learning the formula for identical slopes, which would explain why these equations had no point in common and therefore no solution, I felt annoyed. It might sound strange, but the two things I used to trust most of all were my mother and math. Mom, because she was the kind of person who, if 29 she told you something, you knew it was true, and even if you were young, she didn’t act like you wouldn’t understand.

I can’t believe I have her genes at all—we’re completely different in every single way. Truthfully, I can’t think of one thing my mother and I even agree on now,” Sammy said as she turned around and looked over her shoulder to see her backside in the mirror. ” It’s so obvious that Sammy’s not fat that Miranda and I didn’t even bother to say it. ” Sammy pulled on Miranda’s sweater and took off the pink headband that was holding back her dark curls. “Maybe Rob did that and the police only think it’s a suicide because the hole was invisible,” she said.

Mom, because she was the kind of person who, if 29 she told you something, you knew it was true, and even if you were young, she didn’t act like you wouldn’t understand. And math, because it was the place where something was either right or wrong, and where there was an answer to every problem. But now, I thought as I scribbled the stupid letters D, N, and E in my notebook, my mother’s acting like she doesn’t even want to know the truth, and now there are “solutions” that Do Not Exist. I was one of the last people to leave the room when the bell rang, and Damien was too, which made me feel like he was waiting for me.

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