D.M.Z.: Downtown Militarized Zone (Shadowrun) by Contemporary Books, FASA Corporation

By Contemporary Books, FASA Corporation

DMZ is a video game of highway strive against set within the close to destiny. fast combat-resolution and circulate platforms make battles circulation alongside, even if the struggle is on bikes or taking walks, if it is fought with magic, computerized guns, or naked fists. DMZ is a smart advent to the Shadowrun universe, and may stand by myself as a board online game, or can be utilized to solve large-scale gang and highway combats within the Shadowrun roleplaying video game.

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The other Harpers were kept busy by the Masters mapping and establishing trails through the backlands, building and supplying storage caches and hidden cave-holds. They gave to the Heralds the most extensive and detailed wilderness maps of Faerûn ever made, over two decades of diligent work. Harpers with magical skill were set to devising new spells and crafting magical items. Others were established as covert agents within the important ruling courts across Faerûn. They worked through the established rulers to thwart the traditional foes of the Harpers, who were growing in strength again, unchecked by Harper missions sent against them.

The Second Century The chaos enfolding the clergy of Bane was fortunate for the Harpers, who rapidly found themselves caught up in a war they hadn’t anticipated. Their efforts to increase the safety of the trade-routes by exterminating brigands had hurt rich interests in Calimshan. These folk had made much gold over the years shipping goods from the Sea of Fallen Stars to the Sword Coast and back again via “the only safe route”— down the Vilhon to the Golden Road and thence to ports on the Lake of Steam (which was actually an arm of the sea).

Raulyver‘s process, if misused, could render every fortress, sacred place, and treasure vault in the Realms wide-open and vulnerable to all. Unfortunately, Raulyver seems to be governed by a strong sense of mischief-or a capricious evil nature, insanity, or an evil influence imposed by magic. He has been shifting gates all over the Realms, delighting in disrupting life in monasteries, tranquil gardens held by nobles, busy city markets, royal courts, and the like. Out of his portals have come fell invading monsters—including the things known as “deepspawn,” which can generate and emit many other monsters—garbage, heaps of dung, stampeding beasts, blazing barrels of combustible materials, diseased beggars, and hurled spells.

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