Computer Algebra in Quantum Field Theory: Integration, by Jakob Ablinger, Johannes Blümlein (auth.), Carsten

By Jakob Ablinger, Johannes Blümlein (auth.), Carsten Schneider, Johannes Blümlein (eds.)

The booklet specializes in complicated desktop algebra tools and precise features that experience amazing purposes within the context of quantum box concept. It offers the cutting-edge and new equipment for (infinite) a number of sums, a number of integrals, specifically Feynman integrals, distinction and differential equations within the structure of survey articles. The awarded concepts emerge from interdisciplinary fields: arithmetic, laptop technology and theoretical physics; the articles are written via mathematicians and physicists with the target that either teams can examine from the opposite box, together with most modern advancements. along with that, the gathering of articles additionally serves as an up to date guide of accessible algorithms/software which are primary or might actually help within the fields of arithmetic, physics or different sciences.

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