Caravans (AD&D Fantasy Roleplaying, Al-Qadim) by Rick Swan

By Rick Swan

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It is slow, tedious work, owing to the scarce vegetation in the area. The piles are barely a foot high. A middle-aged man with a neatly trimmed mustache “Fate has blessed us with a truly memorable day,” says Daasim. ” “An excellent question,” replies Daasim. “Perhaps our and narrow eyes sits astride a magnificent black stallion, new friends have an opinion. Do you know the ways of overseeing the workers. ” small gray horse scribbles intently on a parchment scroll, Harid interrupts. ” occasionally addressing the man on the stallion.

The enlarged jug topples to the floor and breaks, head lice, and induce vomiting. releasing the adder. The adder attacks any character in the immediate area before slithering toward the tent wall. 2. Treatment Room If attacked, the adder fights back, but if left alone, it noses Fayiz treats his patients in this room. Iyda has been his under the tent wall and escapes. only patient in some time. 2a. Water Container. A barrel-size container made of 2d. Hammock. A child-size hammock called a hababa, made from sheep skin stretched between four wooden leather (called a haudh) is filled with fresh water.

Shelves. These shelves are similar to those near the When one or more PCs approaches this area, the zin west wall (area 2c). A clay jug filled with dirty rags rests uses unseen servant to jiggle the sheets on a bed, making it on the bottom shelf. The middle shelf holds extra sheets appear that something beneath the sheets is trying to and pillows. A wooden box on the top shelf contains two escape. If a PC investigates, the zin uses the unseen servant loaves of bread, some dried figs, and a small container of to poke and prod two dune vipers under the bed frame.

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