Better Bidding With Bergen Vol I, Uncontested Auctions by Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen

An outgrowth of his carrying on with column on bidding within the ACBL Bulletin.

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Answer: Yes, you bring up a good point. For this reason, many experienced players use the Smolen convention. Over 1 NT and 2 NT openings, responder now bids his four-card suit at the three-level, so opener will always be declarer if the 5 - 3 fit is played. This is clearly a desirable convention as long as both players remember it. Question: If playing Texas transfers, what is the difference between 1 NT 2+ 2v 4+ 1 NT 4+? 4v and Answer: Since the second auction is a forced signoff for opener, the first one is usually played as a mild slam try with a balanced hand, perhaps + AJ 8 6 4 2 v A 6 3 0 K 8 + Q 2.

Compare + K Q J 10 7 6 5 1 0 -2 + NT- 3 + z shows four or more diamonds, not merely a preference with three, since you must have been planning to sup­ port diamonds all along. Since + A K 8 7 4 'V K 7 4 0 K Q 6 5 + 9. This will allow opener t o bid a slam with confidence with a s little as + J 6 'V A J + J 8 6 4, 0 AJ 7 4 3 knowing of the perfect fit of the clubs. It is very significant to note that although Soloway Jump Shifts are played by relatively few "average" players, a great number of top players have adopted them.

However, we are far from through with our study of transfer auctions. We must examine the Stayman auctions that relate to Jacoby, see how other notrump auctions are affected by the use of Jacoby Transfers, and discuss transfers to minor suits. We also must consider our options when the opponents interfere. We continue our study of Jacoby Transfers by examining some sequences which are affected by the use of transfer bids. We will begin by considering several hands where the correct bidding sequence is not immediately obvious.

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