Beckett's Proust Deleuze's Proust by Mary Bryden, Margaret Topping

By Mary Bryden, Margaret Topping

This booklet is an come upon among Deleuze the thinker, Proust the novelist, and Beckett the author growing interdisciplinary and inter-aesthetic bridges among them, protecting textual, visible, sonic and performative phenomena, together with provocative hypothesis approximately how Proust might have answered to Deleuze and Beckett.

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77. Hereafter referred to as EP. 15. All translations in this chapter are the author’s own. 16. See, for instance, the narrator in Molloy: ‘And suddenly I remembered my name, Molloy. My name is Molloy, I cried, all of a sudden, now I remember. [. ] Is your mother’s name Molloy too? said the sergeant. I thought it over. Your mother, said the sergeant, is your mother’s – Let me think! 23. 17. Winnie: ‘What are those exquisite lines? [. ] One loses one’s classics. ) Oh not all. ) A part. ) A part remains’.

Instead of asking what a sign is, he asks how it is that we discover, interpret, and use signs in the first place. To begin with, the sign is a sign on account of our engagement with it. The sign affects us. In its presence we are filled with feelings that set it apart from other objects and which make us aware that there is much more to it than its mere presence at hand. 11–12). Its signing is constituted by this existential grip on us that demands we overcome its mere appearance in order to explore fully its relation both to the feeling it conjures within us and to the other actions and thoughts surrounding it.

Winnie cohabits with Willie in a restricted and complex sense. Isolated in her mound, and faced chronically with threats to her survival, she has developed skills in segmenting her day, in tailoring it to what might pass for its conclusion. When she sings her song, it marks a late stage in the day’s advance, with Burroughs, Beckett, Proust (and Deleuze) 19 no guarantee that another day will ensue. 15 Earlier in L’Epuisé, Deleuze has already applied the notion of ‘image’, and its outreach, to Winnie’s song, when he states: ‘L’image est une petite ritournelle visuelle ou sonore, quand l’heure est venue: “l’heure exquise .

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