Angelic Surrender: The Kavanaugh Foundation, Book 2 by Crista McHugh

By Crista McHugh

Heaven doesn’t wish him. Hell is scared of him. she will be able to see all over him… The Kavanaugh starting place, ebook 2 If the abrupt visual appeal of Will Vassago on her sofa is any indication, wisdom of Anjali’s infrequent skill to determine previous demons’ disguising glamours has unfold a ways past the basis. something that hasn’t replaced for the reason that she unintentionally touched him years ago—his unnerving impact on her hormones. formally, Vassago wishes Anjali’s aid to discover an escaped Skinwalker demon. He’s additionally obtained a few not-so-official plans for his or her down time, but when her delicate reward finds who he rather is—a fallen angel—any likelihood to fan the embers of wish among them could be misplaced. Anjali attempts to get their task over with ahead of she loses keep watch over solely. With each come upon, the unquenchable fireplace in her physique burns warmer. And Vassago is startled to achieve while he nearly loses her to the rifts of Hell he has already misplaced his middle. Then they become aware of the Skinwalker is barely the end of the iceberg. in the event that they can’t get a lid at the state of affairs, new york will undergo a destiny worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and never even Vassago’s celestial sword will defend Anjali from the Angel of demise. caution: includes an OCD demon hunter, a naughty angel with voyeuristic trends, bedtime wrestling over who will get to be on best and a truly inappropriately used sari.

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She pulled away with a sigh of contentment and licked her lips. ” The corners of his mouth twitched. She almost seemed too innocent for all the naughty things that ran through his mind. ” Her eyelids slipped lower, and her arms relaxed around him. ” He spread a towel under her head and lowered her back on the pillows. “Figures,” she mumbled and drifted off to sleep. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched for an unknown amount of time. He soaked in the tiny details of her face, from the way her lashes cast shadows on her cheeks to the small scar along her jaw.

Each sensual stroke dragged her deeper into his embrace. She gave up trying to fight him. He must’ve sensed her surrender because he rolled her over onto her back. The weight of his body pressed along hers, feeding the growing hunger building up inside her. She arched her hips and found the Angelic Surrender hard ridge that teased the place between her legs. Screw the fact he was dangerous and bordered on being a stalker at times. She wanted him to fuck her into oblivion. She pried her hands between them and unzipped his jeans.

It soothed her like a lullaby. ” More laughter. The feathers retreated from her line of sight. ” Now he’s playing games with me. She lifted her head and tried to find what he’d done with them. The only thing she discovered was an infuriatingly cocky grin on his face. Heat crawled along the surface of her skin, but she couldn’t tell if anger or lust fueled it. ” Was it? Everything around seemed so familiar—her room, her bed, her incense that lingered in the air from the stand next to her bed. Everything except the man laying under her whose thumbs massaged tiny circles into the flesh of her arms, and clouded her mind with naughty thoughts.

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