Algebra and Trigonometry (9th Edition) by Michael Sullivan

By Michael Sullivan

Mike Sullivan’s time-tested technique focuses scholars at the basic abilities they want for the path: preparing for classification, practicing with homework, and reviewing the options. within the Ninth Edition, Algebra and Trigonometry has developed to satisfy today’s direction wishes, construction on those hallmarks by means of integrating initiatives and different interactive studying instruments to be used within the lecture room or on-line.

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EXAMPLE 2 Verifying That a Triangle Is a Right Triangle Show that a triangle whose sides are of lengths 5, 12, and 13 is a right triangle. Identify the hypotenuse. Solution We square the lengths of the sides. 3 Geometry Essentials 31 Notice that the sum of the first two squares (25 and 144) equals the third square (169). Hence, the triangle is a right triangle. The longest side, 13, is the hypotenuse. See Figure 17. Figure 17 13 ᭹ 5 Now Work 90° PROBLEM 21 12 Applying the Pythagorean Theorem EXAMPLE 3 The tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at 2717 feet and 160 floors.

For example, 1-4 is not a real number, because there is no real number whose square is -4. 2. The principal square root of 0 is 0, since 02 = 0. That is, 10 = 0. EXAMPLE 11 3. The principal square root of a positive number is positive. 4. If c Ú 0, then 11c22 = c. For example, 11222 = 2 and 11322 = 3. 4 ᭹ Examples 11(a) and (b) are examples of square roots of perfect squares, since 1 1 2 64 = 82 and = a b . 16 4 24 CHAPTER R Review Consider the expression 2a2. Since a2 Ú 0, the principal square root of a2 is defined whether a 7 0 or a 6 0.

5 (a) Show that a temperature of 97°F is unhealthy. (b) Show that a temperature of 100°F is not unhealthy. 153. * Express this distance as a whole number. 154. Height of Mt. Everest The height of Mt. * Express this height in scientific notation. 155. * Express this wavelength as a decimal. 156. * Express this diameter as a decimal. 157. † Express this diameter using scientific notation. 158. † Express this width using scientific notation. 159. Astronomy One light-year is defined by astronomers to be the distance that a beam of light will travel in 1 year (365 days).

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