Aerosol--cloud--climate interactions by Peter V. Hobbs

By Peter V. Hobbs

FROM THE PUBLISHERAerosol and clouds play vital roles in opting for the earth's weather, in ways in which we're simply commencing to understand. together with molecular scattering from gases, aerosol and clouds verify partially what fraction of sun radiation reaches the earth's floor, and what fraction of the longwave radiation from the earth escapes to house. This ebook presents an outline of the newest examine on atmospheric aerosol and clouds and their results on worldwide weather. topics reviewed contain the direct and oblique results of aerosol on weather, the radiative houses of clouds and their results at the Earth's radiation stability, the incorporation of cloud results in numerical climate prediction types, and stratospheric aerosol and clouds.

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The SEP therefore did not consider the effects of an operational seeding project of unlimited duration and seeding intensity. Also, statistical proof is often lacking in the results of the ecology projects. , precipitation amount and timing) and biotic and abiotic responses. , both record low (462 mm) and high (1704 mm) total annual snowfalls that were recorded at a monitoring station in the central Sierra Nevada occurred within the 6-year duration of the SCPP]. The signal is even more embedded in variations induced by longer-term climatic change.

1983). Five objectives were specified: 1. Measure dollar values of direct benefits to farmers and ranchers of added growing season rainfall. 2. Determine enterprise adjustments needed on the farm and ranch to respond most profitably to increased rainfall. 3. Measure the total added direct benefits to the four farming areas and the state. 4. Examine the broader enterprise shifts within farming areas due to added growing season rainfall. 5. Measure the total impact of added growing season rainfall on the economy of the state.

Watering is quantified and timed to the historical rain-day precipitation records for wet, dry, and average summers, and water is added to simulate modification. Initial results indicated that rainfall increases of 10% to 40% in Illinois increase corn and soybean yields by 4% to 20% if natural rainfall is below or near average (Changnon and Hollinger, 1988). 5 cm of rainfall added during a hot, dry summer, yields increased 10 bushels per acre for corn and 4 bushels per acre for soybeans. In a summer of average rain, increases are less, about 5 bushels per acre for corn and 3 bushels per acre for soybeans.

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