30 Minutes Before Your Job Appraisal (30 Minutes) by Patrick Forsyth

By Patrick Forsyth

Readers are taken via each point of coaching, in order that by the point they input the appraisal assembly they're sufficiently equipped and self-confident to invite the best questions and recognize what to assert and the way to assert it.

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This is a meeting that is designed to help you and to benefit the organization. It should be interesting, it should be constructive and it may even be stimulating. p65 33 12/06/00, 14:58 · 30 Minutes . . Before Your Job Appraisal Approach it as such, rather than with doom and gloom or too much apprehension, and it is likely to go better. Let any reservations you have about it show and that alone could change the attitude an appraiser takes to you. Once the meeting is underway there are several techniques that you will need to deploy – all with your objectives in mind, and in ways that react intelligently to what occurs (which will never be exactly as you predicted).

Then you need to be prepared to pursue a point, asking a series of questions to focus on a particular area and get to the required level of detail. Phrases like ‘Tell me more about. ’ or ‘Can you explain that further’ may make a good start. p65 37 12/06/00, 14:58 · 30 Minutes . . Before Your Job Appraisal Making comments Appraisals demand you comment on your work and performance. This is what your preparation should have addressed. Your objectives are perhaps to maximize the impressiveness of what you describe and minimize anything negative.

Some systems are inflexible, inappropriate or ill thought out. Some managers regard the whole thing as a chore. Some aspects of corporate bureaucracy act to dilute the effectiveness of appraisals, maybe by focusing artificially on unconstructive aspects and forgetting the main purpose. Both appraisers and appraisees contribute to the process and either can act to ensure that it is constructive rather than irrelevant and time wasting. If you play your part – working at it from one appraisal to the next – then you stimulate the process in the right direction.

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